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Street View Shuffle brings randomised 360-views to iPhone

Google’s Street View has been somewhat controversial in Europe, as privacy campaigners and local townspeople alike fret about the impact of Google’s real-world photos service.

However, setting aside those concerns for the moment, it’s also true that developers can do some nifty stuff with the Street View APIs. Darragh Moriarty’s Street View Shuffle Europe is the latest example on iPhone.

It’s a simple app: tap on a Shuffle button to be shown a Street View of a random place in Europe. Like ChatRoulette, except with no other people (or willies), but plenty of scenery. So, er, not much like ChatRoulette really.

There’s already a US version available, so this new edition goes continental. We’re still unsure why you’d want the random aspect, versus looking up specific locations in advance of, say, a holiday.

Still, it’s an interesting way to tap into Street View, so we hope to see other developers building on the idea in the coming months.


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