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Striker Rush Tournament Tips & Tricks Guide for iOS/Android

Our top tips for Striker Rush Tournament, a new endless runner football game for iPhone/iPad and Android, will help you to score goals, max out your score and win tournaments.

If you’re after an addictive footy game to kill time during the Euro 2016 ad breaks, check out Striker Rush Tournament from 1DER. This football-themed endless runner is a challenging mobile game, so we’ve put together a tips and tricks guide to help you get started.

All of the European nations taking part in Euro 2016 pop up in Striker Rush Tournament, as well as other nations from around the globe, so you can play as your chosen team. The handy in-game leaderboard can be used to compare each nation’s achievements, and there are three different game modes to keep you going.

We spoke to the developers of Striker Rush Tournament to get these exclusive tips and tricks for our game guide.

1) You can sprint with your player if you hold your finger on the screen. This is an easy way to save time.

2) Try to pass between players whenever possible. This rewards you with extra points.

3) If you bump into a player, you can still attempt a dribble and continue your attack.

4) Avoid the nails! These don’t stop you, but they significantly slow down your sliding speed.

5) If you need extra time, try to argue with the referee on the panel after a successful save.

6) If your time is up, you can still finish your action and score a goal if you can get into overtime.

7) Upgrade your skills to give yourself a better chance against your opponents. A better striker has an improved chance to score, while an upgraded keeper is more likely to make a save.

8) Increase your defence skills as soon as possible. This gives you a greater reaction time when you face a shot.

9) When your midfield is upgraded, you’ll notice that there are fewer opponents on the field.

10) If you choose the Classic 16 option in the tournament, you can play with the EURO 2016 teams and groups.

Striker Rush Tournament is available now from the App Store for iPhone/iPad and the Google Play store for Android devices.


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