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Study finds iPhone 4 most reliable, least sturdy handset around

Apple should be equal parts pleased and disappointed with the results of SquareTrade’s research into smartphone reliability.

After analysing customer-reported data concerning 50,000 smartphones, the warranty company found that the iPhone 4 was the most reliable handset, with just 2.1% projected to malfunction over the first 12 months of use.

On the flip side, the handset had the highest accidental damage rate, proving once again that butter-fingered consumers should steer clear of the shiny, shiny iPhone 4.

Mirroring Apple, BlackBerry was found to be one of the least reliable manufacturers for device malfunctions, but offers the sturdiest handsets for accidental damage. We still wouldn’t recommend chucking a BlackBerry against a wall, but hey – it’s nice to know.

Other notable manufacturers are HTC and Motorola, which both fared well on the reliability front, but it’s worth considering that every other manufacturer (from Nokia to Samsung, LG and Palm) were lumped in together as “Other Smartphones” so it’s not a definitive study.


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