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Stupid Zombies for iPhone and Android: Angry Birds plus Worms plus zombies

The Hallowe’en edition of Angry Birds was never this scary. Stupid Zombies is another physics type puzzler for iPhone and Android that sees you wasting hordes of the undead.

You control an unnamed male protagonist who is armed only with a white vest, a mullet and a sawn off shotgun (S-Mart’s top of the line, obvs). Instead of different coloured birds, you get a finite number of shotgun shells.

Aiming is done a la Worms – you point a crosshair where you want your shells to land on the screen and let go. As well as shooting straight, you can ricochet shells off of walls and ceilings and explode nearby oil drums to take out whole packs of zombies.

The levels get increasingly tricky and require a bit of planning instead of blasting wildly. You’ll need to bounce off shells at such an angle that they trigger things like barrells and crates to roll and fall from ledges to crush otherwise out-of-reach deadites.

Chapter I contains 300 levels, in which you blast your way through using the standard bullets.

The most recent update sees the arrival of Chapter II, which contains 60 new levels, plus three new bullet types; spread shot, buckshot and grenades.

Stupid Zombies is available to download now for 59p on iTunes (iOS 3.0+) or for free on the Android Market (2.0+). We hope that a paid Android version gets rolled out soon; we like the game enough to want to pay for it and remove the ads.


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