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Summer release for HTC Facebook phones.

Retailer Expansys has revealed the release dates for the HTC Facebook phones pre-order pages. Expect a Summer release for the duet of Facebook phones manufactured by HTC: the ChaCha and Salsa.

Expect a June 17 release of the social networking mobiles which feature branded Facebook keys on the front. The special key provides instant access to Facebook notifications, updates, comments and feeds. It is also context sensitive, so a quick press following a photo will send the image straight to Facebook.

HTC had previously said that the phones would be available around Q2 2011, so Summer then..

The company has also pointed out that despite the handsets immediately being nicknamed ‘Facebook phones’, they are not Facebook branded. The social network simply worked together with HTC to produce them.

Both handsets feature Android 2.3, with the ChaCha including a full QWERTY keyboard for rapid fire social networking.

Take a closer look at the handsets via our gallery here.

via: Knowyourmobile


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