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Super Twario turns Twitter into a retro platform iPhone game

Let’s be honest: the most efficient way to navigate your tweetstream on an iPhone is NOT through the medium of an 8-bit style platform game.

Yet we love the fact that the developers of new app Super Twario have taken exactly that approach, mashing up Twitter with Super Mario dynamics and a central character that resembles the results of an unholy union between a rabbit and a Moomin.

“Tilt to move Twario around a world built from your Twitter feed and leap around to interact with Avatars and fill your Tweets with a lot more fun,” explains the blurb. “Tweet, Reply, Retweet – all that is taken care of within Tweet World.”

What’s more, the app/game ties into Apple’s Game Center community, letting you earn achievements and compare your ‘score’ to other users around the world. It won’t be displacing the official Twitter app from our iPhone just yet, but we’re mightily glad it exists.


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