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Supertooth Buddy Bluetooth hands-free car kit tested

Even though we all (should) know that talking on your phone while driving is very unsafe, there are some situations where you have to take that call. Thankfully there are a number of devices available to make taking calls behind the wheel a bit safer, such as the Supertooth Buddy Bluetooth hands free kit.

The Supertooth Buddy magnetically attaches to a metal clip which you can easily slot onto the sun visor of your car. If you need to adjust the visor, you can just take the Buddy off and attach it to the other side without having to pull over, stop, take the clip off etc.

When you’ve paired your phone up with the Supertooth Buddy you answer calls by simply reaching up and pressing the large green button. You can hang up by pressing the green or red button. Calls sounded clear over the noise of traffic and the engine, but you might want to crank it up for calls on the motorway.

You’ll want to charge the Buddy up before heading off. It does come with an in-car charger but the cable trails down in front of the windscreen, which is distracting and potentially dangerous. Fortunately the Supetooth Buddy charges over USB so you can keep the battery topped up using your computer.


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