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Microsoft offering free Touch or Type Cover to new Surface RT buyers

It’s hard to deny that Microsoft’s Surface RT is a tad pricey, and the inclusion of a Touch or Type Cover may have helped ease the sting for buyers. If you’ve been thinking of buying a Surface RT recently, though, Microsoft may have just sweetened the deal for you. Hexus reports that the company is offering a free Touch or Type Cover to anyone who buys the tablet before the end of June.

Naturally, Microsoft says this is only for a limited time and while stocks last. Still, it’s an enticing offer given the price of the covers in the UK. The Touch Cover normally runs for £100 on Microsoft’s online store, with the Type Cover commanding an even more expensive £110 price tag. The designer covers that Microsoft offers are also apparently included in the offer.

Still, you might want to hold off on buying a Surface RT this late in the game. The tablet was originally announced in June 2012, so the current iteration is most likely about to be replaced with a refreshed version. Recent reports have indicated that Microsoft is planning to announce new versions of the Surface at its Build conference in June, which could include a smaller 7- to 8-inch tablet.

There’s also the imminent release of the Surface Pro in the UK. The more powerful tablet houses a full Intel processor, a 1080p display, and runs Windows 8 as opposed to Windows RT. It’s a better option for anyone who needs the extra horsepower or wants to run their normal Windows applications on the go.


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