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Survey suggests smart-addiction not-so-strong among the youth

Kids today not altogether addicted by smartphone connectivity, survey suggests.

It’s a fair bet that, if confronted by a clipboard-carrying survey slave in the street and asked whether you believed the importance of social media and tablet usage in the lives of ‘kids today’ was a) Of little importance; b) Of some importance; c) Of great importance; or d) or Of… Oi, back off, mate, I’m Tweeting! You’d probably know which way to swing. But a new survey conducted by Bite and Redshift Research suggests that an online omni-connection might not be as all-important as imagined…

Kids aren't particularly 'down with the kids'.

Polling 2,000 people between the ages of 17 and 31 to gain greater insight into the lives of so-called ‘millennials’ and how they spent their time online, the survey discovered that a freakishly high number – 43 per cent – of those with a spare moment to respond revealed that they didn’t use Twitter at all. AT ALL.

And sending a further disturbance through the social-force was the fact 59 per cent said that they spent fewer than three hours a week on Facebook… that’s barely enough time to achieve the recommended daily allowance of comedy kittens.

Continuing to shatter accepted online behaviour illusions, 65 per cent of oddball protagonists favoured using a fixed desktop PC or laptop for the majority of their internet use over tablets or smartphones. It’s like discovering everything you know is a lie.

“There have been so many studies of this generation and many have painted a far too simplistic picture,” said Claire Davidson, insight and strategy director at Bite. “It is time we are realistic about this generation and what they do online.”

Some fascinating food-for-thought there that serves to challenge the all too easily accepted stereotype of the modern smart-device and social media user; and following Monday’s smart-addiction story, we just don’t know what to think anymore…

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