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Svook lets you pin voice messages to real-world locations

Fancy a spot of location-based voice messaging? Svook is a new iPhone app that promises exactly that. Armed with the slogan ‘Place Your Voice’, the app lets you record a voice message, then ‘pin’ it to Google Maps in a specific location – which DOESN’T have to be wherever you currently are.

Then, you can send that location to a friend, which if they have the Svook app, means they can listen to it – but only if they go to the right location.

“In today’s world, where everything is available everywhere, we see things a little differently,” explains developer Texetera. “We think a message is all the sweeter when you have to get up, move about and make an effort to receive it.”

The company suggests that romantic types may want to leave a message for their lover at a certain spot, while people might also want to send their mates on Svook scavenger hunts, or “congratulate your mountain climber friend when he gets to the top of the mountain”. Hmm, bit of a niche.

However, this idea of voice messages and real-world location is really intriguing, so it’ll be interesting to see if Svook attracts lots of users, and also whether other apps develop this idea further.



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