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sWaP Nova: Officially the lightest touch-screen phone in the world

Confirmed by the Guiness Book of World Records, say hello to the 40.3g sWaP Nova, the lightest touch-screen phone ever.

While at the Gadget Show Live, we managed to get a sneak-peek of the Nova ahead of it’s official weigh-in, to see what the fuss is all about.

The size has to be seen to be believed- it was hard to find something of comparable size- we settled on a Mars bar.

The 1.76-inch screen has a resolution of 220×176 pixels, and that tiny screen does mean a tiny battery, which promises to charge in under 2 hours. It can connect to PC by USB, with sWaP (It stands for smart watch and phone)

Inside the box, you’ll get the phone, stereo earphones, a keychain loop, lanyard, mini-stylus, which is already attached to the phone on the right side, protective case and a 2GB microSD.

The phone may be slightly more bare-bones than a smartphone on the features front, but does manage to include Bluetooth connectivity, FM radio, and can play video and music.

It has also been recently upgraded to quad-band, meaning it can travel with you around the world- it really shouldn’t trouble your baggage allowance. Aside from messaging and call services there’s also WAP internet if you’re willing to do that on a sub-two-inch display…

The Nova, available in red and black, it’s available now at sWaP’s own site, as well as other stockists like Maplin and Amazon, priced at £299. There’s also a “Crystal” Nova, with a crystal rim, and white leather-coated ‘hook’ at the top- if you’re into that stuff. The ‘bling’ does add an extra four grams though.

The Crystal Nova will set you back at £299.99. Click through for more pictures- we used the camera zoom.

There’s a screenlock button on the left, volume rocker on the right. The hook which we’re holding is chunky enough to be attached to both keychains and a lanyard- in fact, both come with the phone.

There’s the stylus. The screen can often be fiddly at times, so the stylus may prove to be a necessity

We’d say it’s thicker than our iPhone, but you could easily fit two on the iPhone’s front-face.

The width of a Mars bar. The metric all phones should be compared to.

Our iPhone massively dwarfs the Nova, which is under 70mm high and 38mm wide.

We expected it to crack open and find brightly coloured sweets inside.


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