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Swap Signature: Another expensive watch phone we won’t be buying

Does anyone actually own and use a watch phone? Well, if you’re into that sort of thing then check out Swap‘s latest offering, the Signature. Boasting a 3D interface and stainless steel frame with leather strap, this watch will get you noticed – especially if you talk to it.

According to the press release, the Signature will be available to buy in January 2010 but we’re slightly puzzled. Specs-wise we can’t see that much of a difference between older Swap watch phones and the Signature, aside from the steel casing and leather strap.

The Signature will retail for £350, so it looks as if Swap expects people to pay an extra £100 for the pleasure of feeling metal and leather against their wrist. We’ll let you know if the rather expensive price tag is worth it once we get one in. We’re not holding our breath.


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