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SwiftKey for Android gets a sexy new HD skin, adds more languages

SwiftKey, one of the best Android text inputs out there, has just got itself a smart new HD look. The old plain white and grey keys have been ditched in favour of a sharper, slicker looking virtual keypad with a metallic finish.

As well as looking sharper on standard-sized screens, SwiftKey should now look better on devices like the Samsung Galaxy Tab, which has a bigger screen and can support higher resolutions.

Polyglots out there will also be happy to learn that the latest version of SwiftKey supports 14 languages, and features Qzerty, Qwertz and Azerty layouts along with good old Qwerty.

SwiftKey is available to download from the Android Market now and costs £2.50. Alternatively, you can download a 31-day trial version for free to get a feel for how SwiftKey works.


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