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SwiftKey Ice update spreads Christmas cheer all over your Android phone’s screen

Dynamic text entry system SwiftKey is spreading the Christmas cheer on your Android phones and tablets this year with its new Ice theme. 

Similar to those falling snowflake plugins you see applied to awful WordPress blogs (only less annoying), SwiftKey Ice dusts the keys with virtual snow. Snowflake animations bloom into life with every key press. 

If you’re wise to the ways of SwiftKey Flow, then any flowing words will unleash a trickling snowfall across your screen. It’s enough to melt any Scrooge’s heart. 

SwiftKey Ice update spreads Christmas cheer all over your Android phone’s screen
Ice to see you: SwiftKey dresses for the winter

The Ice theme is available now as a free upgrade to SwiftKey on Google Play. If you’ve got an Android phone or tablet and you’ve not checked out SwiftKey before, now’s as good a time as any. 

It’s easily one of the best text inputs available on Android. It intelligently predicts the next word in a sentence making for a faster, more intuitive typing experience. Not only is it good for spotting typos, helping you avoid the 21st Century curse of autocorrect fails, it actually learns how you type. 

This means the sentence prediction becomes more accurate the more you use it. SwiftKey also gets a handle on your personal slang, nicknames and petnames for friends and significant others, making hammering out those 3:00AM messages of love actually possible if you’ve had a few too many at the pub. 

SwiftKey costs £1.49 on Google Play and works on virtually all Android devices. SwiftKey with the Ice update will be available to download from the Amazon Appstore soon. 


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