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SwiftKey launches on Nokia X app store

Genius predictive text keyboard SwiftKey will be available for Nokia’s X range of Android phones from launch. 

The multi-lingual keyboard, which offers more accurate predictions the more you use it, will be available as a free download in a number of international markets. Currently SwiftKey supports up to 61 languages and lets you use up to three languages at once. 

SwiftKey launches on Nokia X app store
Coming to a Nokia X near you: How SwiftKey looks on most Android phones

A SwiftKey spokesperson said: “We are proud to be a part of this next stage in Nokia’s journey and we are excited to bring SwiftKey’s personalized, adaptive technology to as many users as possible. 

“The deal will enable SwiftKey to faster penetrate emerging markets while offering Nokia X users best-in-class input technology and extensive language coverage.” 

SwiftKey on Nokia’s X phones will also include SwiftKey Cloud. As SwiftKey builds up a picture of your linguistic quirks and habits over time it becomes more accurate at offering predictions and second guessing you. 

Every time you move over to a new phone and install SwiftKey, you lose all of that data you’ve built up, unless you’ve got SwiftKey Cloud. This also taps into current trends, letting you insert trending terms into social network conversations (#MWC2014, #NokiaX, #someta etc) more quickly. 

SwiftKey joins the likes of Skype and OneDrive as an official launch app or service for Nokia’s new Android range of phones. 

Initially, will be available on Nokia’s Android app store in a number of countries – Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Thailand, Russia, Ukraine, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa and Kenya, UAE and Kuwait, Philippines, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Oman, Qatar, Poland and Turkey. There’s currently no word on a UK or US launch. 

SwiftKey is currently available to download on the majority of Android phones and tablets from Google Play.  


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