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SwiftKey powering BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 keyboard predictions?

We’re unabashed fans of SwiftKey at Recombu, the nifty next-word prediction engine that makes texting and typing on your phone fast and fluid.

So much so that when we updated our BlackBerry PlayBook to OS 2.0 recently we noticed that some very SwiftKey-esque predictions started popping up in the bar that appears above the virtual Qwerty.

After playing around with the keyboard we noticed things such as our own phrases and vernacular being stored and re-suggested for later messages – a key trait of SwiftKey.

The test phrase ‘I am a beautiful person’, which we’ve seen on SwiftKey for Android appeared. This pops up in the original if you just keep hitting the suggested predictions that appear dead centre, SwiftKey’s Quick Brown Fox, if you will.

The split section layout of SwiftKey X for Tablets hasn’t made the transition here. It’s not the keyboard itself that’s been given an overhaul, just the predictions.

SwiftKey declined to comment on working with BlackBerry when we spoke to them. A feature of PlayBook OS 2.0 means that Android app developers can easily repackage code for the new OS.

SwiftKey recently announced that it’s made its SDK available to all Android OEMs, so maybe it’ll be looking to work with non-Android OEMs in the future as well. Whether the people at TouchType have anything to do with the PlayBook’s new predictions or not, we’re glad that typing on the PlayBook is now a little easier.


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