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SwiftKey X celebrates 5 million downloads with a free update and discount for newcomers

SwiftKey X has swept up over 5 million downloads worldwide and given how easy it makes typing and texting on Android phones and tablets its really not hard to see why.

SwiftKey X, for those who’ve not used it, has a super-clever next-word prediction engine which intelligently guesses what your next word will be, making stringing sentences together incredibly quick and easy. As well as this, it also learns your way of typing, so the more you use it the more accurate and relevent its predictions and offerings will become.

There’s even a personalisation setting where you can let SwiftKey scan your Facebook and Twitter posts as well as your Gmail, so it gets an even better grasp of your way of thinking.

SwiftKey X has now racked up over one million personalisations – another milestone – and another reason for the team at TouchType Ltd to be cheerful.

The most recent update to SwiftKey X is a tweak to its core functionality that makes for faster typing of informal chatty messages. Given that we’ve been using SwiftKey X for ages now and it’s gotten used to our vernacular we’ve not seen any immediate changes yet, but we’ll take their word for it when they say that it’s faster.

If you’ve not yet downloaded SwiftKey X on your Android phone then this weekend is the time to do it, as there’s a 25 per cent discount in effect right now.


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