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SwiftKey X goes Jason X with a Pumpkin Hallowe’en theme

A fangtastic farewall from us today at Recombu; news that SwiftKey makers TouchType have been staking their reputation on the latest theme for SwiftKey X, a seasonal black and orange Pumpkin theme.

Available for the SwiftKey X predictive text app for Android smartphones, you can sink your teeth into the new theme for free with the latest update. Not only is the colour scheme perfect for the Hallowe’en occasion, if you’ve got an Orange Android phone like the Monte Carlo it’ll sit nicely with all that branding.

Those of you who’ve not succumbed to the ways of SwiftKey X ought to give it a go; it’s a Qwerty keyboard with a super smart next-word prediction that guesses your next word. Not only does it make tapping out texts and emails a breeze, its learns your typing style and lingo as you type, so its future predictions become more accurate and relevant.

You’ve also got the option to let the app scan your Facebook, Twitter and Gmail sent messages in order to get a better handle on your lexicon. This is of course all opt-in; SwiftKey X only knows what you want it to know.

You can also type in multiple languages, with SwiftKey X supporting up to three different language packs at a time. For maximum Hallowe’en effect, download the German pack and put ümälüts ön äll öf thë vöwëls ïn yöür tëxts. It will make everything look möre mëtäl.

When SwiftKey X launched, it came with three distinct themes; white, grey and a cool neon theme. We understand that more themes are in the pipeline, this Pumpkin one obviously being the first.

If you’ve got an Android phone and are celebrating All Hallows Eve/Samhain then check your phone for updates, of if you’ve not got SwiftKey X check the links below.

There’s a free trial version (trick) or a paid version (treat) if you’re feeling generous and want to donate.


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