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SwiftKey X will come pre-installed on Motorola Xoom 2 and Xoom 2 Media Edition

Typing on a tablet can be a love or hate affair, and while the stock Honeycomb keyboard isn’t bad at all, there are better alternatives out there. SwiftKey X has risen to popularity thanks to its intelligent prediction system, and it seems that Motorola are fans of the keyboard too.

SwiftKey X will be installed on the Xoom 2 and Xoom 2 Media Editions, meaning you’ll be able to take advantage of all the keyboard has to offer. If you need a quick refresher, it accurately guesses which words and phrases you’re going to type as it adapts itself to your writing style. The latest version of the app also scans your Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter (if you give it permission, of course) so it can look for phrases or names that you’re consistently using.

Not cool with it taking a peek at your email and social networks? Don’t worry, it will still learn from your typing over time and adapt itself accordingly. Just try not to type anything too suspect like “Skynet” or “HAL”. Keyboards have feelings too, you know.

If you’re an Android user then SwiftKey X is available on the Android Market for £2.55 and supports phones and tablets. The Motorola Xoom 2 and Xoom 2 Media Edition are coming in the next few weeks, and will cost £379.99 and £329.99 respectively.

Source: Pocket-Lint