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T-Mobile improves its International Pass plan: Calls to Columbia for 5p p/m

T-Mobile has announced some changes its International Pass plan, which allows you to make cheaper calls to overseas mobiles and landlines on T-Mobile pay-as-you-go.

As of now, you can make cheaper calls to over 60 countries from the UK. For example you can call Brazilian and Columbian landlines for 5p per minute and calls to mobiles for 15p and 20p per minute respectively.

T-Mobile’s International Pass covers a whole range of destinations from Alergia to the United States. So it’s perhaps worth checking out if you have friends or family working or holidaying abroad.

Opting in to International Pass is free; simply text INT to 441. T-Mobile is also running an International Weekend Reward scheme, where you can get an extra £10 of credit to spend on international calls over the weekend if you top you £10 during the week.

For a full list of prices and destinations, click here.


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