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T-Mobile introduces Internet Travel Boosters to reduce holiday roaming costs

T-Mobile has joined the growing party of UK carriers featuring new roaming tariffs and offers ahead of an EU Commission’s ruling, which is set to lower and regulate the cost of roaming abroad. The company has introduced Internet Travel Boosters for smartphone users, offering a failsafe mechanism to avoid unwanted excessive data costs.

Users of both their mobile data and mobile broadband services will be automatically directed towards a specialised landing page which exclusively offers internet boosters, priced accordingly to the location of the user. On purchase, users will then immediately be able to enjoy their newly purchased data, and once the new allowance expires, they’ll be re-directed back to the landing page.

T-Mobile Uk roaming

Unlike Vodafone’s approach of purchasing an add on/booster at your own discretion, or Three’s mobile broadband-only scheme, T-Mobile boosters are marketed as a global service. Rates differ from country to country and are significantly cheaper within the EU, with the cost per MB ranging from 33p to £7 for mobile data and broadband usage across the globe.

T-Mobile has grouped data usage costs by region, with UK users seeing the cheapest rates across the EU (£1 for 3MB), followed by the USA, Turkey and India at £5 for 3MB, Group B consists of Jamaica and Canada and costs £10 for 3MB, Group C includes Chile and Hong Kong and costs £20 for 3MB of data, with the most expensive regions falling within Group D at £25 for 3MB (Qatar, Cuba and Brazil).


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