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T-Mobile Pulse: Affordable Android

T-Mobile’s latest offering is one of the most affordable Android handsets yet. At £180 on pay as you go the T-Mobile Pulse might not sound like a bargain but it’s a steal when compared to other Android phones.

In addition to featuring a 3.5-inch screen the Pulse allows for multiple homescreens, which means you can have one page for your contacts, email, music, or whatever you like. We recently checked out the HTC Tattoo, which has five homepages, and once we’d filled up a couple of screens with widgets and shortcuts we wished there were a couple more screens.

Other T-Mobile Pulse features include HSDPA (3.5G), Wi-Fi, GPS and a 2GB memory card for extra storage.

If pay as you go doesn’t float your boat then you can also get a T-Mobile Pulse on a monthly contract. Punters who choose to pay for the Pulse on PAYG can get Internet on their phone for just £5 a month or £1 per day with a T-Mobile Internet Booster.


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