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T-Mobile redesigns the humble £10 note to promote its pay-as-you-go plans

As oddball network promotions go, this is one of the best we’ve seen yet. In order to promote the new £10 top up bonuses announced last month, T-Mobile has redesigned the humble tenner. Fusty old Charlie Darwin (evolution? schmevolution!) has been replaced with three true British heroes: Sir Alan Sugar, Pippa Middleton, and, er, Keira Knightley.

According to a survey comissioned by the purple network, 32% of the British public voted for Sir Alan, with a further 27% voting for Keira. Pippa Middleton scooped 25% of the vote, while Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell scored a meagre 13% and 6% respectively.

Somewhat shockingly, T-Mobile’s survey reveals that just 30% of those surveyed said they knew who was on the back of a real tenner; and 13% of those thought it was Queen Victoria. Yes, that famous female British monarch, the one with a full flowing beard…

The new ten pound notes, for better or worse, won’t be replacing the ones we carry around in our wallets. They’re here to promote the T-Mobile’s aforementioned top up plans.

The Text plan, gives you unlimited texts in the following month if you top up £10 or more. The Talk plan bungs in an extra 100 minutes to use the following month (plus 25 extra minutes to use straight away) and the International plan gives you 60 minutes worth of international minutes to use the following month.


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