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T-Mobile snaps up HTC Desire HD, Nokia C7 and LG Optimus One

T-Mobile has announced that it will be selling the HTC Desire HD from next month. The high-definition sequel to the HTC Desire will be available free on T-Mobile on 24 month contracts starting at £40. So far the given release date doesn’t get any more specific than ‘October 2010’.

The Nokia C7 and LG Optimus One have also popped up on the Coming Soon page of T-Mobile’s site. No pricing information is listed for either of these phones, although the LG Optimus One – here called the ‘LG Optimus One Navigation Edition’ – will come with a car cradle and in-car charger bundled free.

The Nokia C7 is due to arrive on T-Mobile in November, with the LG Optimus One coming in October.


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