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T-Mobile to take on Three’s One Plan with The Full Monty?

If you want a good value for money, it’s hard to go wrong with The One Plan from Three, especially with the allure of unlimited internet. According to TechnoBuffalo, T-Mobile may be ready to launch their own alternative, called The Full Monty.

The two-year plan would cost £36 per month, regardless of the phone you wanted on the contract – right now Three’s prices fluctuate depending on what smartphone you want to take home. For the money you’ll get 2,000 minutes, which includes calling 08 numbers and voicemail, unlimited texts, and unlimited data. You’ll also be able to call any other T-Mobile subscribers as much as you want.

It’s unclear whether or not T-Mobile will be offering a SIM only version of the plan, or only offer it with handsets, but it still looks to be a good deal compared to the other networks. Being able to take 08xx numbers out of your included minutes at no extra cost, as well as unlimited data, is sure to turn heads.

T-Mobile are apparently set to launch this new plan on February 1st.

Source: TechnoBuffalo


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