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T-Mobile UK iPad 2 prices: £199 for 16GB for existing customers, no 64GB version

T-Mobile has just announced details of its price plans for the iPad 2 in the UK. Much like the Orange and Vodafone prices announced yesterday, existing T-Mobile customers stand to benefit from a discount on iPad 2 prices.

A 16GB iPad 2 will set T-Mobile regulars back £199 on a £25 a month 24 month contract, whereas newcomers will have to pony up £229 for the same deal. Likewise, 32GB iPads can be had for £249 if you’re already with T-Mobile and £279 if you’re not.

The price plans for both versions of the iPad 2 differ depending onwhether you’re a new or existing customer. Existing customers will pay £25 a month for 24 months, while new customers will pay £27 which  gives you 1GB of Anytime data use, and 1GB of ‘Quiet Time’ data as well.

The idea of Quiet Time data is that it can be used between midnight and 10am, and won’t detract from your Anytime data usage. Wi-Fi usage is ‘unlimited’, but subject to a fair usage policy of 10GB a month.

Customers who want to dig deep for an iPad 2 on T-Mobile easy-as-you-go can pick up a 16GB one for £499.99.

Price plans for iPad 2 data on pay-as-you-go work out at £2 a day for 250MB, £7 a week for 500MB, and £15 a month for 1GB.

You might have noticed that there are no prices for 64GB editions on contract or pay-as-you-go. Nor are there prices for 32GB-ers on pay-as-you-go either. T-Mobile said that it’ll get back to us with more info on these soon.

UPDATE: T-Mobile will not be stocking any 64GB models of the iPad 2. Also, no 32GB models if you’re a pay-as-you-go customer.


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