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Take sneaky celeb snaps on Paparazzi, augmented reality on Android phones

Following yesterday’s HoopsAR game, we also came across Paparazzi, though it has nothing to do with super-injunctions or Lady Gaga.

It’s another Nintendo 3DS-esque game, and the winner of a recent augmented reality game competition.

Like HoopsAR This game also requires another print-out marker, or you can use a $1 bill. (No news just yet of a fiver-compatible update.)

After launching the app, point your phone’s camera at the marker, and thanks to some augmented reality magic, combining the camera input and the app’s programming, your ‘celeb’ will pop up; a rag-doll aristocrat-type, drinking what we suspect is grey poupon.

The aim is to take photos of the celebrity, and points (in dollars, natch) are rewarded for good timing, framing and general sneakiness. You will only manage a few shots before the A-lister catches on. He’ll then leg it to your lens, and latch on.

You’ll then have to shake your phone to get him off, and avoid the angry celebrity taking out his rage on your camera lens. Dollars are lost for scratched and broken lenses. Expect to see slit-throat gestures, things thrown, and more rowdy behaviour- take care.

Paparazzi is available for 69p on Android phones running version 2.1 or higher.


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