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TalkBox app: Frampton comes alive on Android

Following on from last week’s MicDroid is this ingenious little app; TalkBox allows you to record a 5 second snippet of your voice and run it through 15 different effects.

Effects include Helium for high-pitched silliness, echo chamber, zombie talk, various distortion effects and others which simulate the sound of a voice warbling on a crackly old vinyl, a PA or a police radio scanner. Of course there’s also the eponymous Talkbox effect, which allows you to do your best Peter Frampton impression.

Other effects include the ability to loop recordings or send everything into reverse for backmasking/hidden Satanic message fun. As with MicDroid you can send your creations to your friends via Bluetooth or email, or set them as your phone’s ringtone.

The TalkBox interface is nicely laid out and is easy to use. We just wish we were able to record longer snippets than the 5 second cut off point allows. TalkBox costs €1.60/£1.30 on the Android Market, works on all versions of Android and is the product of Jaytronix, the same developer who gave us the Magic Markers app.


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