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Tango videocalling app arrives for all Mango Windows Phones with front cameras

Ever since the Microsoft buyout of Skype and the reveal that Mango would support videocalling, we at some point put 2 and 2 together and got excited about Skype arriving Windows Phone.

Turns out that Skype has been beaten to the Mango punch by none other than Tango. Hey Skype, you know when you’ve been Tango’ed…

The videocalling service that’s rolled out iOS and Android apps in the past last night posted a link to it’s Windows Phone app on its blog. It’s available to download now from the Marketplace, but sadly we’ve not got an HTC Titan or Radar to hand, so we’ve not been able to have a play with it.

Our Nokia Lumia 800, lovely though it is, won’t be able to come to the Tango party, on account of it not having a front-facing camera. Obviously it’ll be available on the Samsung Omnia W/Focus Flash and the Samsung Focus S as well, neither of which have hit shelves over here yet.

Though we’ve not been able to have a play ourselves, Tango has kindly posted a demo video on YouTube, so we’ve got at least got an idea of how it works. Mmm, raspberry scones.

Source: Tango