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Taptu for Android updates to 1.4, now works on Android tablets

Taptu has announced an update that brings its news reader/aggregator service to Android tablets. We’ve used Taptu on our Android phones before, but we couldn’t help but think “this is great and everything but it’d work better on a tablet…” It’s possible that the Team Android faction of Recombu was secretly jealous of the Pulse reader app for iPad.

But now we know we can get this on the Motorola Xoom, and the other Android tablets hitting the shelves this year, we can finally get our Taptu tablet fix.

Taptu 1.4 takes advantage of tablet’s larger screen sizes, allowing for full screen article reading. There’s also day and night themes (white text on a black background for night reading and vice versa) and the ability to mark articles for later reading when offline.

Perfect for getting through long tube/train journeys, or any other long spells where there’s no signal. This offline reading tool uses the Instapaper API, so you’ll need an Instapaper account for this to work.

Taptu is available to download from the Android Market now for free.


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