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Teach your granny to boil eggs? There’s an iPad app for that…

We’ve heard plenty about how iPad will be the saviour of everything from TV to newspapers to e-books in recent months, but less about its impact on the world of yolk-based cuisine.

Thankfully, developer Jesper Lindberg has the answer. It’s called Egg Boiler for iPad, and costs 59p – less than half the price of a box of Sainsbury’s Free Range Woodland Medium Eggs.

The app’s name is pretty self-explanatory: it helps you boil eggs just how you like them, with a timer and alarm to tell you when they’re done.

“The application is very easy to use and even offers instructions if you’ve never boiled eggs before,” explains the App Store blurb. Lindberg has clearly caught onto the fact that there are plenty of people out there who know their way around cutting edge tablet-based technology, but never got round to learning cookery basics.

We’re hopeful that future updates will add support for bacon, beans on toast and Pot Noodles…


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