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Teach your kids their ABC with an iPhone animal app

There’s been a boom in educational iOS apps for kids, with parents discovering that their iPhones and iPod touches are magnets for little fingers. While teaching a toddler to beat your Doodle Jump score is fun, teaching them their ABCs feels like more of an achievement. Just.

Charles Peattie’s Animal Alphabet is one of the most well-crafted edu-apps for kids I’ve seen. Developed by Tapisodes, it has an animal for every letter of the alphabet, complete with their own comical animation. A is for an ant who quickly gets eaten by an anteater, D is for Dormouse, and X is for… Well, the fun is in discovering.

You can take the letters in turn, watching the animations, or use the Favourite Animal feature to let your child choose the ones they like best from a screen full of thumbnails. There’s also a Quiz mode to test their knowledge, and a bonus song from Ivan Campo (no, NOT the Spanish midfielder who used to play for Bolton Wanderers, but a British ‘nu-folk’ band.

There are a lot of cheapo apps for kids on the App Store with low production values, but Charles Peattie’s Animal Alphabet has real character, so should appeal to the pass-on parental crowd.


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