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Tegra Zone Android app demoed on Motorola Xoom

Seeing as Nvidia was pretty much the star of CES 2011, we decided to pay a visit to its stand at Mobile World Congress this year.

Among the things we saw included this; an early version of the forthcoming Tegra Zone Android app, running on a Motorola Xoom.

The Tegra Zone will be a go-to place for gamers who want to search for high-end titles specifically optimised for Tegra 2-powered devices. Titles like Galaxy on Fire 2, Dungeon Defenders: First Wave and Monster Madness.

It’s not a separate app ecosystem to the Android Market; once you’ve found a game that you like the look of in the Tegra Zone, you simply tap on a link and you’re taken to a page on the Market, where you can download the title like you normally would.

As well as screenshots of the games, you can also watch preview videos to get a better idea of how a game plays.

The app we saw was just a work in progress – only a handful of the videos worked on a couple of the titles. But we’re told that this is pretty much how it’s going to look when its finished and that it’s “coming very soon” to the Android Market in Europe.


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