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TekTrak claims to be better at finding your lost iPhone

Losing your phone is a real pain, and let’s be honest: if you leave your iPhone (or your Nexus One) on a train, chances are it’s never coming back to you. Which is why there’s a buzz around handset-tracking apps, including Apple’s own Find my iPhone, which was recently made free.

It’s got competition, though. TekTrak is a new free version of the existing TekTrak Pro app, which works for iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS. Users get two free sessions to locate their phone before being prompted to pay, but can get an extra free session for every friend that they refer to get the app.

TekTrak’s developer is keen to highlight its advantages over Apple’s Find my iPhone service. One of the main ones is the way it plots a handset’s previous locations on a map, including its last known location – good if the phone’s battery has died. The developer also points out that iPhone 3GS owners can’t (yet) get Apple’s tracking service for free.


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