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Ten shining examples of phone humour

Oh phone fans. Life is hard, the weather has deteriorated and news is scarce. We could all do with a laugh, so here’s our collection of top phone humour throughout the ages.

Update: This just in, we’re not infallible and have probably missed some comedy moments – how could we forget the early iPhone 5 prototype, for example? (Thanks Keith!) If you’ve got any more bookmarked, share them with the whole class by popping them in the comments.

It’s pretty difficult to arrange a hostage hand-over when your iPhone keeps dropping the call. Although we can’t blame the kidnapper – we’d like to arrange a meet with Jake Hurwitz too… [College Humor]

The Apple iPhone’s death grip antenna issue is the comedy internet gift that just keeps on giving. Nokia and Samsung took the opportunity to stick the boot in after Stevie J demoed their handsets losing reception onstage at a press conference. How do you hold your Nokia? Perhaps you’re a fan of ‘the cup’ or the ever-controversial ‘four edge grip’… [Nokia Conversations]

Samsung took things a bit further with a run of print adverts in prominent UK newspapers. The gloves were well and truly off. We got a laugh out of it anyway.

The BandAid iPhone 4 accessory started out as an image-based joke, but proved so successful that it’s now actually a real life product that you can buy and everything.

Ah, an old classic.

Oh Apple. You just make it so easy to poke fun at you; here’s Jane Lynch (aka Glee’s Sue Sylvester) going to town on you. Your iPhone 4’s features can’t compare to Jane Lynch’s many fine attributes, and your I’m a Mac and I’m a PC format is just so painfully easy to parody. Oh how we laughed.

The Apple v. Android war has also given us plenty to laugh about – not least in the form of this clever T-shirt design which you can buy from here.

Back in the day, when the iPhone was first announced, our very own Andrew Lim lamented the lack of the new must-have handset in the UK. How else could he express his distress than by taking to the streets dressed up as one and wander the streets of London? Watch the resulting video here.

A textbook use of the humble SMS message, there are no end of LOLs to be had on Texts From Last Night (be warned, some are NSFW).

Ah, the original comedy phone skit – could Nokia have forseen its flagship ringtone become synonymous with an irritating man whipping out an oversized handset and yelling “HELLO? YEAH I’M ON THE TRAIN.”


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