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TerryTouch: Who said work experience placements had to be boring?

Work experience doesn’t get cooler than this. Instead of photocopying and making cups of tea for two weeks, Jack McLean (pictured), a 16-year-old student from the King’s School in Grantham, decided that he wanted to make apps during his work experience placement.

Having already created a successful app called Christmas Countdown, McLean decided to get in touch with the app monkeys at ustwo to ask if he could do his work experience there. Mills, aka the Willy Wonka of apps, didn’t hesitate in offering Jack a place on the team.

Within two weeks at ustwo Jack had coded TerryTouch, a simple but fun app that includes four finger-friendly games. Jack adds, “I really enjoy the fact that so many people have my app and it’s something that I’ve made, and that people enjoy it.”

We’re addicted to the first game in TerryTouch called The Tap, which as you might imagine involves tapping the screen very fast. Apparently the highest score so far is 300 taps in 15 seconds. We’ve managed 135 so far and we won’t stop until we beat 300.


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