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Tesco introducing free WiFi nationwide to biggest stores

You’ll soon be able to browse the internet over WiFi on your smartphone as you grocery shop in all Tesco Extra stores throughout the UK.

As an added incentive to get your customer, the supermarket giant is now offering free WiFi to customers with Tesco Clubcards. You’ll need to register first, then you’ll get unlimited internet access.

Non-Clubcard shoppers get 15 minutes of WiFi access.

At the moment the WiFi will be available in all Tesco Extra Stores, which includes 13 across London, eight in Manchster and six in Birmingham. Check out the full list of locations here.

Tesco launched a trial in July, in four stores across the UK, and it appears the trial has been successful enough to roll our to other stores.

Have you tried WiFi in your local Tesco yet? Perhaps to indulge in a bit of price checking? or You Tube to alleviate boredom? Let us know what it is like.

Source: Tesco Via: Brand Republic


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