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Tesco Mobile announces iPhone 4 UK tariffs: Brilliant value 12-month deals

We’re still waiting on a few networks to announce their iPhone 4 tariffs and Tesco was one we were really looking forward to – be great to see if the mass retailer can bring the prices down any.

So what are the options?

We’re pleased to see some 12-month contracts make an appearance – £20/month for 250 minutes, unlimited texts and 1GB of data. That’s a bargain, in our opinion, although it’ll set you back £349 for the 16GB handset and £429 for the 32GB model.

Also on a 12-month deal is the £35/month tariff; this will give you 750 minutes, unlimited texts and 1GB of data, as well as slightly cheaper handset prices: £229 for the iPhone 4 16GB and £299 for the iPhone 4 32GB.

Of course, where would we be without a 24-month contract? And it’s a stinger compared to the 12-month deals: £45 per month offering unlimited minutes and texts, and 1GB of data per month. Handset bargains here, though: 32GB model for £99 and iPhone 4 16GB for £19.

The supermarket will also be offering handsets on pay-as-you-go: an iPhone 4 16GB will cost you £479 (that’s £20 cheaper than buying it at the Apple store unlocked) and the iPhone 4 32GB is set at £569 (£30 less than Apple store prices). There’s no firm release date for the pay-as-you-go handsets yet, but hopefully they’ll be available from Tesco phone stores in the very near future.

Pretty impressive deals, we hope you’ll agree – and they seem to blow the traditional networks out of the water. Better get queuing at your nearest Tesco…

Update: We have added Tesco’s iPhone 4 tariffs to our comparison article.



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