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Testing, bashing and making a Google Nexus One filmed for our enjoyment

It’s distressing but also oddly satisfying to see a Google Nexus One being slapped around and crushed by a metal rollbar. Oh the cruelty. These videos follow on from last week’s one about design and appear to be the last in Google’s series of videos on the Nexus One, which is due for release in the UK any day now. We very much do want.

Testing – A multitude of Nexus Ones are dropped and slammed against several surfaces in a bid to ‘probe their structural integrity’. The trackball is also put through it’s paces in order to simulate its lifetime use, as is the touchscreen. Finally we’re treated to some rather distressing, but secretly enjoyable, shots of a poor Nexus One undergoing some of extreme chiropractic therapy called a ‘bend test’. We don’t recommend intentionally smashing it or any phone against the floor or a wall. Trust us, we’ve been there.


Display and 3D Framework – The following video talks up the Google Nexus One’s 3.7-inch AMOLED screen and the Qualcomm Snapdragon chip that sits inside. A lot of attention has gone into presentation and user experience on the Nexus One. According to HTC’s Tomasz Hasinski and Android’s Romain Guy, they “strived to create something that would bring a sense of joy to the user when they play with their phone.” Hear that Microsoft?


Manufacturing – See one of HTC’s many Android factories and a Nexus One being put together from the motherboard upwards. This video shows a number high presicion machines connecting circuits and cutting various materials. During the final assembly each Nexus One is checked by human operators before being boxed up for shipping. After witnessing the horrors of the testing video, this is quite a relaxing watch.