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The Adventures of Simon Pegg graphic novel comes to iPhone and Android

Simon Pegg, international superhero and extremely muscular bearded man, busts his way on to the iOS and Android markets with The Adventures of Simon Pegg, a graphic e-novel in app form.

If the Pegg described above doesn’t ring true with what you know of the Real Simon Pegg, international super-geek and kind of scrawny star of such screen-based wonders as Shaun of the Dead and Spaced, don’t worry – the sharp wit and slightly obscure, brilliantly British pop cultural references remain.

The app allows you to follow the comic very easily – rather than having to do all that tedious eye movement, simply tapping the forward button takes you to the next panel, with vibrations for the THWACK! and KABOOM! type affairs.

The extras aren’t up to much – just wallpapers and character descriptions – but you do also get an extract from Pegg’s autobiography, Nerd Do Well, for your £1.79.


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