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The best Ben 10 apps for your iPhone/ for your kids

Ben 10 is a boy who can transform into several different alien forms, each with their own special abilities and power. He can transform into, you guessed it, ten different aliens.

If you don’t know Ben 10, then you haven’t got a young boy in the family.
It’s been popular enough to run onto two sequel TV series, and innumberable toys, TV films, games and now a range of apps, all at a relatively pocket-money friendly prices.

Ben 10 Alien Force DNA Scanner

The first app lets you check who’s actually an alien. Using the camera, line up someone’s face and check them for alien DNA. It’ll even reveal their true form. Eep. Using the Ben 10 Alien Force DNA scanner, I was surprised to discover I’m actually part Goop, while my colleague Tom was actually part Spidermonkey. I knew it. It’s a bit short-lived, but once you’ve ‘scanned’ someone’s face, you can reveal their true alien face, and adds various eyes, ears and head-shapes to your photo.

Ben 10 MouthOff

You may remember MouthOff from our robot face video, but this version holds several Ben 10 faces. Put the phone to your mouth (you need a mic for this app, no iPod Touch…) and speak. The mouth will contort to fit what you’re saying. It’s a bit hit and miss, but sometimes syncs up well, and is often pretty funny. There’s also a free trial version, so you can try one alien mouth before buying the rest. You can also pick up a new MouthOff set from the most recent TV series, Alien Force.

Ben 10 Comic: Full Set

Done in the Ben 10 cartoon style, there’s a full set of 19 comics here. It will look great on the iPad, but is perfectly workable on the iPhone’s smaller screen. Again, you can download the first issue for free, or buy them in three separate sets.


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