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The best sat nav apps for Android

CoPilot Live 8

Very much the same as Google Maps Navigation except this time things are pre-loaded onto your phone. This saves massive amounts of mobile data and is great for those who plan on using the application every day. CoPilot is also very accurate and will get you to a house number or precise location, it also will provide live weather so you know if it is raining or not when you get there!

Google Maps Navigation

Why pay extra when your Android phone ships with a perfectly decent Sat Nav app preloaded. Google Maps Navigation can provide reasonably accurate turn by turn directions with the added bonus of a kind voice telling you to turn left or right. It includes all the usual Street View pics to help you even more and a nice bright green arrow to point you the right way. It is simple and it works. Big drain on the battery though so get an in car charger!


This application arrives free but devoid of any maps, requiring you to purchase them afterwards. Landmarks are rendered in 3D and large detailed maps provide highly accurate directions.


Slightly different to your standard SatNav, BreadCrumbs uses picture based navigation to get you around. Users take photographs at each step of a journey as well as adding notes, the idea being you create a virtual tour guide.


Not the most famous of SatNav apps but definitely one worth considering. Again Sygic circumvents data problems by keeping things on your phone. It also provides even more real time updates with traffic information displayed live on screen. You can also navigate directly to contacts from your address book.


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