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The Cloud to offer 15 minutes of free WiFi across London.

Starting from Tuesday 1st February, The Cloud, a WiFi company offering paid mobile wireless internet, is set to give anyone a free 15 minute taster.

The Cloud is hoping that you will then be willing to buy more access on pay-as-you-go, or through various subscription deals. O2 users will still get unlimited free access to The Cloud’s network, which includes wireless hot-spots in EAT and McDonalds, and has over 22,000 access points across Europe.

The 15-minute trial will be accessible to laptops, tablets, and smartphones with wireless connections.

Wireless hot-spots have seen increased demand from cheap net-books, high-end smartphones, and Apple’s iPad. Given customer’s ever-increasing demand for data on 3G, many hope that widespread cheap broadband would help ease the strain on networks.

It certainly looks to be big business; The Cloud was recently purchased by BSkyB for nearly £50 million, and follows on from O2’s recent news that they will be offering their own network of WiFi hotspots later this year.


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