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Impressive eye tracker from The Eye Tribe shown at CES 2015

We checked out The Eye Tribe’s innovative eye tracker at CES 2015, which can be used to play games or fiddle with apps without using your mitts.

Ever been playing a game on your phone and thought to yourself, ‘hey, this would be a load better if I didn’t have to use my stupid thumbs for control’? Well, The Eye Tribe has come to your rescue with its surprisingly accurate and affordable eye tracker.

This chunky bar sits beneath your Android tablet and locks onto your eyeballs, using your line of sight to move an invisible cursor across the tablet’s screen. Glance at an icon in the eye tracker’s app and it’ll instantly be highlighted, although you’ll still need to tap the screen (anywhere will do) to select it.

Of course, The Eye Tribe isn’t just catering to ridiculously lazy people who can’t be bothered to move their finger across the screen. The possibilities for this software are quite extensive, from dashboard tech implementation to helping people with disabilities.

We tested out the eye tracker at CES 2015 and it’s surprisingly accurate, to the extent that it can be used to play fast-paced games such as Fruit Ninja – just glance at the flying fruit to slash it apart. We also played a game called Nightmare, where you control your little guy’s aim by glaring at enemies. We were able to move our head a fair amount without the eye tracker screwing up, but there is a sweet spot which is around 30-40cm away from the tablet screen.

You will be able to grab The Eye Tribe’s eye tracker for just $99 and the Android SDK is available now, so we’re expecting the number of supported apps to increase over the coming year. At CES, there were only six available to play with.


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