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The Guardian gets an ace iPad app (but it’s unofficial)

UK newspaper The Guardian hasn’t rushed to launch a dedicated iPad app for its main content, despite the success of its iPhone app. Instead, its Guardian Eyewitness app has focused on (excellent) photos.

However, the gap for Guardian news has been filled by Newstablet, an app from independent developer Sakib Supple.

It pulls in stories from The Guardian, its sister Sunday paper The Observer, and the website. Articles are served up with swizzy typography, photo galleries and audio, with a big list of sections currently supported. They are:

Top stories, Most Popular, UK News, World News, US News, G2, Sport, Business, Comment, Politics, Cartoons, Galleries, Observer News, Audio, Eyewitness, Media, Education, Society, Technology, Film, Blogs, Culture, Life & Style, Environment, Money, Travel, TV & Radio.

The app has all the tapping, swiping and flipping you’d expect from a polished iPad news application, complete with followable links and the ability to switch to viewing web versions of articles in Safari. Articles can also be shared via Twitter or email.

We’re not sure what The Guardian will make of it, but if you’ve been waiting to get your tablet fix of the newspaper, Newstablet may be well worth the £2.99 asking price.


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