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The Inbetweeners get a soundboard app for Series 3

UK TV show The Inbetweeners has built a big audience over its three series, thanks to its roaringly comic portrayal of British school days.

Now it’s got an official iPhone app based on the third series, which aired last year. Like the previous Inbetweeners app, it’s a soundboard, packed with quotes from the show.

The new app has the same 40 sound clips from the previous version, but also 170 new soundbites from Series 3. What’s more, every clip can be downloaded as a ringtone for your iPhone, via iTunes.

Okay, so we have a lingering suspicion that soundboard apps tend to appeal to people insufferable enough to spend their time playing favourite quotes at friends – the modern equivalent of catchphrase-toting characters like Colin Hunt in The Fast Show (see here).

Even so, if The Inbetweeners is your bag, and you’re due a new comedy ringtone, the £1.79 app is worth a look.


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