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The latest premature ejaculation treatment is… an iPad app?

If there’s two words we don’t want to see paired in the title of an iPad app, it’s ‘ejaculation’ and ‘HD’. Thankfully, Apple doesn’t allow that sort of thing. Control Premature Ejaculation HD is a serious medical app that aims to help men who are a little too… enthusiastic in the sack.

The £2.99 app promises iPad users that it will teach them to “take control of your mind and body and become a great lover”, and it’s the work of British hypnotherapist Darren Marks. It’s all about learning how to relax and feel confident, competent and in control while between the sheets.

The app includes hypnosis sessions with audio to get you into a meditation state, and a selection of video animations to watch while listening. Which judging by the App Store screenshots, means fireplaces, waterfalls and trees. I should stress, the app is used when you’re NOT on the job – it’s not like you have to fire up your iPad in bed.

Premature ejaculation is something sufferers will often pay big money to try to cure. In that context, a £2.99 app should have men queuing up to splash out on it. So to speak.


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