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The Motorola Atrix reveals its secrets: it can be a PC, laptop and a smoothie maker

Ok, so we were lying about the smoothie maker. But there is more to the Motorola Atrix than first meets the eye.

We’ve just seen a demonstration of the Motorola Atrix in London and how it can be used with a variety of docks and Bluetooth peripherals, including the Laptop Dock we saw at CES.

Besides Android 2.2, the Motorola Atrix has some software called webtop (all lowercase) that lies dormant in the background. When you plug the Atrix in to the Laptop Dock or into an HDTV via the HDMI dock, webtop activates. It features a taskbar across the bottom of the larger screen, with icons for a phone dialler, email, Facebook and Firefox.

Using webtop you can access the web on Firefox – that’s a full version of Firefox 3.6, not a scaled down mobile version. There’s also support for Citrix, allowing you to remotely access a Windows 7 desktop or laptop, provided you’ve got a Citrix account.

Unfortunately there’s no word yet on the prices or availability or what these docks are to be called; we’ll update with that info as soon as we get it. Click through to see the Motorola Atrix in a variety of poses with the docks.

Here’s the Motorola Atrix in the Standard Dock, showing off alarm clock mode. The screen automatically dims to a lower level so that the whole thing doesn’t illuminate your bedroom when you’re trying to get some sleep.

A closer-up view of how webtop looks on the Laptop Dock’s 11-inch screen. Icons on the left hand side access phone features such as the dialler and contacts (the little blue address book). Icons for web-based apps like Firefox and Facebook are on the right.

The Motorola Atrix has a separate antenna for data and is HSPA+ compliant. Factor in the dual-core processor, 1GB of memory and that equals a pretty speedy web browsing experience.

With the HD Multimedia Dock which has an HDMI output, you can hook the Motorola Atrix to a big flatscreen TV and access webtop through there. You can connect wireless keyboard and mice (mouses?) via Bluetooth. The infra-red remote on the left is for when you’re playing music through the dock.

A shot of a connected Motorola Atrix running webtop on a big screen HDTV, through the HD Multimedia Dock.


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