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The Twilight Saga gets a tile-flipping iPhone game

The world can be divided into two camps: fans of The Twilight Saga, and people who wonder why young people look so pale nowadays. When it comes to movie vampires, you’re either for them, or kinda clueless about them.

For the former group, there’s a new iPhone game to tie in with the latest Twilight Saga movie. However, don’t expect an all-action blood’n’bites bonanza. The Twilight Saga – Memory Quest does what it says on the tin: it’s a memory-based puzzle game.

Still, it’s good fun. The basic gameplay is simple – flip tiles to match symbols before the board fills up. But there are power-ups inspired by the Twilight flicks – Cullen Crests and Wolfpack Tattoos for example – with gems and trophies to collect, and a plethora of game modes to hold your attention.

90 levels, and the ability to play as Bella, Edward and Jacob across 90 levels, means it should be a hit with the Twilight-loving iPod touch generation.


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