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The UK’s best-selling apps, ever.

In celebration of the approaching 10,000,000,000th download from Apple’s app store, they have revealed what you (and us) have been downloading for our iPhones and iPads.

Paid-for apps need that little extra something for us to part with our cash. Some of the apps mentioned below are simply the best at what they do, and for that we’ve been willing to pay. Here’s some of our iPhone highlights from the top.

UPDATE: Here’s the Top 10, some readers are finding it difficult to see the best-sellers without iTunes.

All-time Top 10 Paid-for iPhone Apps (UK)

1. Angry Birds

2. Doodle Jump

3. WhatsApp

4. Tap Tap Revenge 3

5. Pocket God

6. TuneIn Radio

7. Flight Control

8. Bejeweled 2 + Blitz

9. Traffic Rush

10. Tap Tap Revenge 2.6


Angry Birds.

Angry Birds. Angry Birds. Angry Birds. Not even a week can pass without some mentioning hand-made goods, a spin-off cartoon, or tie-in boardgame. But behind all that is an easy to pick-up, hard to master game, with tons of extra levels. For 59p, it’s still a bargain, and now, some would say, the fundamental smartphone game.

Tap Tap Revenge 3.

This is simple; Guitar Hero in a smartphone package. Tap along to the music, beat friends’ scores, look crazy on the train home.

WhatsApp Messenger.

For only 59p, you get a messenger app that talks across Nokias, Blackberries and a whole lot more. Send pictures and audio clips to friends around the globe, dependent on data charges. Now all you need are friends around the globe.

UK Train Times.

This was a surprise; the 12th most downloaded paid-for app is all but £5 to access a lot of stuff that is already free on National Rail’s website. But it’s the way it’s integrated. Next train home- does exactly what it says on the tin. Put in your nearest station, and where you want to be, and it’ll tell you how to get there.

TuneIn Radio.

A rare miss on Apple’s iPhone- no radio. Okay, you still need some semblance of 3G reception or WiFi to stream from TuneIn, but you get a whole range of FM and AM radio, with bookmarking, recording features, GPS-based radio station locator, and so much more. It’s head and shoulders above other ropier (free) radio apps.

See the whole breakdown here.


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